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3 Easy Tips and Tricks to Save Money while Traveling

Traveling and seeing the world is on most people's bucket list. But unfortunately not everyone has the money to do so. Wrong! Most people have the capital but just have to be smart about it. Traveling on a budget is easier than ever with the variety of the ways listed below.

  • 1. Traveling
  • Flying  is one of the most expensive parts or any trip, therefore there is the biggest opportunity to save. Nowadays there are hundreds of apps dedicated to helping you save money on airway. If you are locked into a certain price range with little flexibility try OneTravel and Liligo help you find cheap flights and manage your budget.   List of great traveling aps.   

           How to fly connecting

    Taking connecting flights is where the big savings are at. According to an article by USA Today connecting flights can save you hundreds of dollars and in some cases up to 60%! If possible try to land in the morning and schedule the connecting flight at night eliminating the need to spend another night at a hotel.

    1. Transportation

    Once in the destination of your choice you’re going to need a way to get around. Your first instinct might be to acquire a rental car but that might not be the best option. The average cost of a rental car varies from $40-$75 day depending on the amount of seats needed.

    Consider getting around like a native and take public transportation. Sites like RailEurope help you to find the train that is best for you. This is by far the cheapest option but will require a bit of planning. Even taking an uber from time to time might save you extra cash.

    If you end up with a rental car here are some tricks to spend as little as possible.

             I. Avoid the Airports- While it might be the easiest and most convenient it is also the most expensive. Look into 3rd party options such as local car dealerships.

             II. Fuel Efficiency-  Driving a nice sports car on vacation might be the fun thing to do but it's EXPENSIVE. Gas is where most of your money will go when renting. Forget brand names and luxury, rent the car that will give you the most bang for your buck. Getting a gas efficient car car will make you reach into your pocket less and look at the road more.

             III. Reserve the Car for an Extra Day (Article by The NY Times) - Now this might sound crazy but there is a method to the madness. This strategy takes advantage of the lower weekend rates that some rental services offer. By extending your rental even a few hours into the weekend when the discount takes place can help you save big and in some cases over 15%.

    1. Food

    Eating at new and exciting restaurants can be the staple of any great vacation, but that's no excuse to throw away money.

              I. Bringing your own food- Eating away from home can be scary. Packing your own food can be a good way to make sure you have a sure fire thing to eat.

              II. Hitting up the Local Market- once you settle down you're going to need some food. Going to a locals farmers market is a great way to get to know the neighborhood while saving money. Buying simple items like deli or microwave pizza can make great dinners and save a fortune on food.

              III. Lunch not Dinner- If you do decide to go out make it at lunch time. Lunch is on average a cheaper meal than dinner and can fill you up for longer. Having a big lunch can hold you over the rest of the day eliminating the need for snacks and a heavy dinner.